Rental Policies

  • Please read all policies listed prior to your stay here. By confirming your reservation with us you are stating that you have read these policies and agree to all policies set forth by Cedar Sunset Cabin.


  • You must secure your reservation with a major credit card at the time of booking your rental. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards. We also accept e-check online.
  • Check-In is at 3:00 p.m. and check-out is at 11:00 a.m.
  • Full payment is expected fifteen days prior to arrival date. No refunds are available after this date.


  • You must be twenty one years or older to reserve a cabin.
  • You are responsible for any damages to the cabin or its contents during your stay.
  • Cedar Sunset Cabin is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items while a guest at the cabin.
  • We pride ourselves with our peaceful environment at Cedar Sunset Cabin; in respect to other guests on the property we ask that noise be kept to a non-invasive level.

  • Cedar Sunset Cabin is not responsible for any actions you or your guests take or do while staying at the cabin or surrounding property.
  • Please only place BAGGED trash into the outside receptacle.
  • NO PETS ALLOWED. With respect to other guests with allergies and health related issues our policy is no pets. The person making the reservation is responsible for a $250. cleaning fee if pets are taken into the cabin.
  • Please do not dispose of food products outside the cabin; as this will attract animals to the cabin site. Dispose of leftovers and other food products in the trash. For extended stay you may place the bagged trash into the outside trash receptacle provided.
  • Please do not feed the geese or any other wildlife.


  • Smoking is not allowed in the cabins. The person making the reservation is responsible for a $250 cleaning fee if smoking is detected in the cabin.

Hot Tub:

  • If you have questions regarding the proper use of the hot tub please call.
  • No food items near the hot tub area.
  • Children under the age of 13 are prohibited to use the hot tub unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Hot tub cover must remain on the tub and latched while not in use. Please cover before going inside for the evening.
  • Cedar Sunset Cabin is not responsible for any injuries due to misuse of the hot tub or any other items located on the premises.

Fishing Policies:

  • Guests are welcome to enjoy a leisure time of fishing in our pond. You must provide your own fishing gear and bait.
  • Do not bring your fish into the cabin.
  • You may catch and release only.

Outdoor Activities and Policies:

  • Feel free to enjoy a leisurely stroll around our lake or the wooded area nearby. We encourage you to wear appropriate attire and use of insect repellant while enjoying the outdoor environment.
  • As wooded areas are prevalent to having chiggers, ticks, oak mites, etc; we encourage you to shower after your outdoor activities for your comfort.

Check Out:

At check out guests are required to leave the cabin and property in the same general condition it was upon arrival.

1. Wash dry and put away dishes, utensils etc.
2. Clean out all food and beverage brought to the cabin.
3. Place all towels, washcloths etc in bathtub.
4. Close all windows and outside doors.
5. Please bag all trash and place in outside trash receptacle provided.

At Cedar Sunset Cabin we reserve the right to vacate the premises at any time for violation of policies set forth.